“She Likes Girls 3” coming soon on DVD

No, it’s not porn, but it is yet another great example of self-explanatory film titles. She Likes Girls 3 is, in fact, the third installment of the popular lesbian shorts compilation series from Wolfe Video.

I’m not exactly sure who the “She” is in the title, but we have a lot in common — I also like three girls in shorts. Oh, wait…

Set for a Dec. 2 release, SLG3 contains eight short films by lesbian directors Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, The L Word), T.M. Scorzafava (Gillery’s Little Secret), Erin Greenwell (Big Dreams in Little Hope), Cassandra Nicolaou (Show Me), and Roberta Marie Munroe (Dani and Alice), among others.

The collection casts a wide net across our little lesbian pond — each short explores a different aspect of our lives: sex toys as gifts, relationships in small towns, bad hair choices, the ultimate excuse for standing up a date, and of course, hot lesbian vampires. That about sums up my weekend, how about you?

Here are the films:

In Twilight’s Shadow, 12 mins. Directed by T.M. Scorzafava. A sensual vampire (Natasha Alam, The Women) kicks some ass and rescues her beautiful mortal lover in this sexy and dark action film, reminiscent of Underworld.

Commitment Ceremony, 5 mins. Directed by Erin Greenwell and Julie Goldman. Big Gay Sketch Show cast members Goldman and Kate McKinnon provide musical discourse on gay marriage.

Happy Birthday, 14 mins. Directed by Roberta Marie Munroe. Two couples, two birthdays and two trips to the sex-toy shop. With Julie Goldman, Deak Evgenikos (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) Yolanda Ross (Stranger Inside) and Lisa Branch (Law & Order, Soul Food).

Long Ago, 14 mins. Directed by Christy Wegener. To find happiness, bartender Maddie (Stef Willen) needs to let go of two things: her ex and her rattail hairdo.

Late, 7 mins. Directed by Guinevere Turner. While examining the contents of a woman’s apartment and eavesdropping on her answering machine messages, we learn the perils of living alone.

Congratulations Daisy Graham, 15 mins. Directed by Cassandra Nicolaou. A touching drama about a small town high school teacher and her longtime partner. Winner: Best Short Film, Philadelphia International GLBT Festival.

Dandelion Fall, 14 mins. Directed by Lauren Wolkstein. A Manhattan realtor has all her sexual desires satisfied by a street musician named Billie. Too bad Billie is looking for love. Stars Breeda Wool and Alexis Clemente.

The Insomniacs, 11 mins. Directed by Kami Chisholm. Skyler Cooper plays an insomniac who wants nothing more than to sleep, and maybe someone tender to lie down with.