“Lesbian Vampire Killers” gives us another taste

Could there really be hope that Lesbian Vampire Killers will be more funny than offensive? I’m holding out for it, especially after ShockTillYouDrop.com came away with a positive experience after viewing the promo reel at the American Film Market this week.

Alas, because the film is still in post-production, sales rep AV Pictures Ltd. didn’t have complete product to show, but they did have a preview reel. And it looked great.

Until we get to see a trailer or a peak at the promo reel ourselves, we’ll just have to continue wondering about the quality of the film based on one singular photo, which does not appear to feature any of the lesbians or vampires, or lesbian vampires.

(From L to R: Mathew Horne, James Corden, Paul McGann and Myanna Buring)

There weren’t too many other details, but what the site did write was that the movie “featured everything you would come to expect from a film with this title: Hot gals, vampires, vampires getting staked, baked and decapitated.”

So let me get this straight: The vampires, which are all lesbians, are getting wooden objects shoved through them, set on fire and having their heads cut off. I’m really hoping that they did something messed up to deserve this — something more than converting some dude’s girlfriend or being a feminist.

Ugh, straight people saving the day on the wicked witch, er, vampire hunt. I loved vampires so much more where they were in the form of Winona Ryder necking with her BFF, Sadie Frost.