Lesbian characters to be thankful for this week

Any well-informed gay knows that Milk is opening this week, and we’ve told you about Alison Pill playing lesbian campaign manager Anne Kronenberg. In fact, you can read a review of the film and an interview with Ms. Pill on the site tomorrow.

But there are also a handful of other films you could see this week with all of your free time that happen to have lesbian characters (I know, it’s somewhat of a miracle, really. A Thanksgiving miracle!)

In the French film A Christmas Tale, lesbian icon Catherine Deneuve stars as the mother of a large family, and she is dying of liver cancer. The family has been somewhat at odds for years, but is brought together on the holiday to see their mother. It’s a huge family, so it’s a huge cast, but one of the most entertaining characters comes in the form of the elderly lesbian, Rosaimée (played by Françoise Bertin).

Rosaimée is not related by blood. Instead, she was the lover of Deneuve’s husband’s recently deceased mother. (How adorable does she look in that tie? I’m curious, though, as to whether the movie’s stylist’s thought process was “Hmm, lesbian? Throw a tie on her and she’s good to go.”)

In a completely different type of film, Katharina Klewinghaus plays a lesbian filmmaker named Medea Yarn in queer artist/director Bruce La Bruce’s new zombie horror film, OTTO: Or Up With Dead People.

Medea and her girlfriend, Hella Bent, meet the protagonist, Otto, and think he is perfect to become part of the film Medea’s been working on for years, entitled Up With Dead People, which is described as an “epic political-porno-zombie movie.” Otto, however, is more interested in locating his ex-boyfriend than being a star of Medea’s documentary. Typical!

OTTO is only playing at The Museum of Modern Art, so New Yorkers are the lucky ones who get to take part in the gay zombie flick on Thanksgiving.

And while they don’t seem to play much of a role in the actual film, Brian from AfterElton.com tipped us off that there is a lesbian character named Jo in the new Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon movie, Four Christmases.

Jo appears only in photos, as Reese’s character’s lesbian best friend who Reese had no idea was gay. Vince (playing Reese’s husband) loves to point out that “Haircuts don’t lie” and that she’s “a better kisser because of it.”

Flannel and bad haircuts are involved in the joke, but the best part is that there’s apparently a conversation about the two friends pretending to put suntan lotion on one another. Prolonged gay jokes? It sounds like a Vince Vaughn film to me, all right. (Did anyone else love the “Tummysticks” in Wedding Crashers as much as I did?)

And while I couldn’t find a picture of Jo, here’s a gratuitous photo of Reese and Kristin Chenoweth, who plays her sister in the film.

Will you be seeing any of these films this holiday season?