Lesbian cinematographer Rachel Morrison brings us “A Non-Issue?”

With so much focus on gay marriage in the past few years, it’s kind of crazy that some people would find sexuality a “non-issue” in America. A group of gay filmmakers are set to tackle this idea of “post-gay” in a new documentary, which begins production in 2009.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film, A Non-Issue, will chronicle philosopher and author Dr. John Corvino as he interviews and debates people about gay marriage in America. The doc is being produced and directed by men, but the high def cinematographer is out lesbian, Rachel Morrison.

Morrison has worked on several films and television projects including The Hills and Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County. While you might not find those too credible, she has also worked on documentaries such as Tikva: Orphans in the Ukraine and 100 Black Men Tribute — Spike Lee, as well as several fashion and music films for the likes of the Coachella Music Festival and Yves Saint Laurent.

Needless to say, she’s very well-versed in all kinds of film work. And with Iconoclastic Films backing the documentary, here’s hoping the exploration of gay marriage on celluloid will have a helping hand in the demise of things like Prop. 8 in the very near future.

Will you be following the progress of this film? Does it interest you that a lesbian cinematographer is at the helm?