Erin Daniels moves to “Portland”

When rumors first began to swirl about Dana being killed off of The L Word, it was speculated to be due to Erin Daniels‘ desire to make more movies (because her part in Rob Zombie‘s House of 1000 Corpses was so ideal).

Of course, Ilene Chaiken finally fessed up, telling the New York Times that putting Dana through a horrible, fatal battle with breast cancer was “a story I believe in, and it’s a story we’re going to tell.”

While we may never forgive Ilene, we can rejoice in the fact that Dana Daniels will be making her way back to the big screen with Portland, her first feature film post-L Word. It seems that the tables will turn in her favor this time, as the movie involves death, but she is not the one who dies. (Thank God. Can you imagine what a blow to the self-esteem that must be, if every director wants you to die a slow and painful death?)

In Portland, Daniels plays Amy who finds herself connected to the death of a man named Patrick. Shooting begins in late winter for the film, which also stars Jonathan Caouette, Steve Martini, Renee Victor and David Carradine.

The description of the film from the press release is as follows:

Piecing together the events of their dead friend’s life, [the characters] confront their own intersecting and long-hidden pasts. What they discover — about themselves, about each other, about Patrick — will change them all forever.

Vague, but intriguing, nonetheless. Did I mention it stars Erin Daniels? The other plus: The music will be put together by supervisor (and out lesbian) Cheryl Singletary, owner of the indie music licensing company Sugarbomb.

Portland may not sound like the feel-good movie of the year, but it will be interesting to see Daniels in a serious role, other than her brief stints on television shows like Jericho, CSI:NY and Swingtown. It will also be great to see her not being killed by cancer or cannibals.

Erin with some swinging pals on “Swingtown”

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