“Histeria” features first Malaysian lesbian kiss on screen

Histeria, a horror film being released in Malaysia today, will feature an on-screen lesbian kiss. So what, right? Well, it’s the first kiss shared by two Malaysian actresses on screen — ever. And it wasn’t easy getting it in there, either.

For starters, it didn’t have good odds for passing the Malaysia National Censorship Board, being that it was to be the very first girl-on-girl kiss. But the actresses weren’t even convinced they wanted to do it. Nurliana Samsudin and Sharifah Norazean are among a group of six boarding school girls (yes, this is a feature film, not adult film plot) who pretend to be possessed, thus evoking some actual demonic spirits. (Sounds a little bit like The Crucible, but without Winona Rider.)

In a recent interview, the stars talk candidly about how uncomfortable they were with the idea of locking lips, and they even tried to rely on tricky camera angles to create the illusion of such an awful encounter, but it wasn’t convincing enough — they had to suffer through a second take.

“Our lips touched briefly and that’s it,” Samsudin told The New Straits Times. Sounds sexy! Now I can see why they are so worried about this film.

Samsudin said says she’s received some flack from friends and family, but director James Lee stated that he simply wanted to show the reality of life in an all-girl school.

“Such relationships exist in schools and that’s the message we want to send to the audience,” Lee said.

I’m curious as to what Malaysian critics are more scared of — the idea that two actresses are willing to barely touch lips for a horror film or that there are actual lesbians in their all-girl boarding schools? Since it’s a horror film, though, they really shouldn’t worry — the lesbians will probably get killed off in the end. They always do.