Jamie Babbit’s new lesbian-inclusive comedy “Fresno” hits SXSW

Jamie Babbit is back to working with Natasha Lyonne for Fresno, a film penned by Jamie’s wife (and TV writer) Karey Dornetto. The dark comedy premiered at SXSW this week, and the trio were joined on the red carpet by Natasha’s co-stars, Judy Greer and Aubrey Plaza.

South By Southwest Film Festival - Day 2

In Fresno, Natasha and Judy play “co-dependent sisters” who work together cleaning hotel rooms. Natasha plays “a lonely lesbian” and becomes romantically involved with Aubrey, while Judy is a “recovering sex addict.” Together, they accidentally kill a hotel guest, which seriously (and comically) complicates their lives.)


While in Austin, the stars and creators talked with The Wrap about working together and why women writers are the future of great roles for women in Hollywood.

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