“Boy Meets Girl” is a sweet, funny coming-of-age story

Boy Meets Girl is the type of coming-of-age love story we don’t get to see very often: super queer, with a trans lead and a happy ending. It’s like a magical little unicorn of a film.

The beautiful and snarky Ricky (played by the terrific newbie and trans actress Michelle Hendley) is trying to find a way out of her sleepy little southern town. A barista by day, but talented fashion designer as her true passion, Ricky spends her days hanging out with bestie Robby (the very likable Michael Welch) and making fashion Youtube videos with her little brother, all while hoping to get an acceptance letter from design school in New York. Ricky is, for the most part, accepted and embraced by her small community, and has grown up to be a confident young woman. Her family doesn’t have much, but there is a lot of love there. Ricky’s mother is gone, something that Ricky feels responsible for, and has built up walls to protect her heart from further rejection.

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When she meets the bubbly Francesca (delightful out actress Alexandra Turshen), the two are drawn to one another. Ricky hasn’t had many friends outside of Robby, and she and Francesca connect in a way both of them find intriguing.

Still 3 - Michelle Hendley and Alexandra Turshen - Courtesy of Wolfe Video

Ricky comes out as trans in a text message, since she’s too nervous to say it out loud to her new friend, but Francesca embraces Ricky right away. Francesca however, has a fiance in the Marines who knows Ricky from way back and is less than thrilled about their budding friendship. Perhaps her fiance can sense something because while both women has previously identified as straight, but it doesn’t take long for a spark to ignite between them.

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Longtime buddy Robby also finds himself jealous of the new friendship/romance, and finally has to face his feelings for Ricky too. Love is complicated and messy, and so is growing up. Ricky, Francesca and Robby all find themselves trying to navigate a whole bunch of new feelings and what that means for them. As Ricky, Michelle Hendley is a real gem in this film. Her attractions to both Francesca and Robby throw her for a loop, and Hendley’s laid back delivery give Ricky the kind of relatability you want in a leading lady.

Still 1 - Michael Welch and Michelle Hendley - Courtesy of Wolfe Video

Boy Meets Girl has a great script and a lot of wonderful energy from its young cast, which makes their journeys feel authentic and very engaging. Written and directed by Eric Schaeffer it’s a feel-good film that gives a voice to characters who most heartily deserve one.

Boy Meets Girl is available now through Wolfe Video.