Taylor Schilling and Judith Godreche on the sexual freedom of “The Overnight”

This Friday, Taylor Schilling stars in The Overnight, a new dark comedy from writer/director Patrick Brice and co-starring Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godreche. In the film (which we’ll have a full review of this week, too), Taylor plays Emily, a wife and mom who recently moved to LA with her husband, Alex (Adam Scott), and young son. When Emily and Alex meet another young couple of parents¬†in the park, they end up invited to to dinner, which turns into a highly-hilarious sleepover that also includes a lot of oversharing, self-discovery, and sexual situations.

As Emily, Taylor isn’t uptight, but much less into the idea of sharing herself with strangers than her husband is (although he has to be loosened up with a lot of drinks and a little bit of weed first). But toward the end of the film, she let’s herself become more free, and she shares a few moments with Judith’s French oh-so-fluid character Charlotte.

We talked with Taylor and Judith about why they wanted to be a part of The Overnight and why Emily finally let’s go a bit.

The Overnight opens in select theaters this Friday, June 19.