Morning Brew – Jimmy Kimmel plays “Couple or Friends?” to celebrate marriage equality

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How about that US vs Germany game yesterday? They inspire me for #WCW.

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If the women of Orange is the New Black were watching the Orphan Black finale, you would have….Orphan Crack.

Courtney Barnett shares her favorite songs on Pitchfork.

Bare is playing at Outfest this month and the film fest’s blog talked with director and producer Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo, respectively.

Ellen Page is planning on getting married one day. She also tells Variety how her career has changed since coming out:

“I was feeling uninspired, and lost the love and joy I felt in making films. I’m gay — of course I want to play gay characters. To have the freedom to pursue that without any anxiety is nice.”

Sally Kohn is still not interested in getting married. From her piece in Elle:

But it’s the very idea that I’d have to get married to win some official government seal of approval over my relationship that’s reason enough for me not to marry my partner of 11 years. I always thought I was fighting for the right to be different from straight folks and still be treated equally, not have to get married just like straight folks in order to have basic rights. Personally, I’d rather see our government get out of the marriage business and instead recognize the wide range of American families according to function, not form.

The ACLU is stepping in to take on gender bias in the film industry. 

Jimmy Kimmel plays “Couple or Friends?” on his show.

Rachel Maddow spoke with Variety about marriage equality and visibility.

“Now that I can legally marry, I’m wasting no time in moving to LA and finding Trish Bendix.”

Oh, sorry, that’s not real. Here’s what she really said:

“When MSNBC and (network president) Phil Griffin decided to give me a show, they were hiring the first openly gay anchor in primetime in the U.S.; they made this decision bravely. And the longer I’m on the air, and the more people come out — there are a lot more openly gay anchors now — it’s becoming less the defining issue about what I do. And to me, that’s the point of being out. I don’t want the fact that I’m gay to be the only important thing you can absorb about me. I have things to say which have nothing to do with that, and I need you to be able to hear me.”

People challenged Jackie Cruz to perform everyday tasks while wearing handcuffs.

Susan Sarandon says she started at “the top of the food chain” when her first lesbian sex scene was in The Hunger with Catherine Deneuve. But she plays gay again in Three Generations (which she says is going through a name change), and here’s what she had to say about her character:

Three Generations is a story about a family comprised of a lesbian couple that’s been together for a long time. I own the brownstone, and I allow my daughter (played by Naomi Watts) to raise her daughter (Elle Fanning) there. The father has not been present, and the movie opens with a discussion of how Elle can get the hormones necessary to transition before the next school year. In order to that, she has to get the signature of her father.

All along, my character says, “Why can’t she be a normal lesbian?” But she’s not a lesbian–she’s a boy. Then at some point, I say to Elle, “I thought you were too young to know what you wanted. I was just afraid. Now I realize who you are and who I love is not changing. The only thing that’s changing are the details.” I think what’s extraordinary about adding transgender to all the evolutions is that our coloring box has that many more possibilities. We have that many more crayons to color outside the lines. That’s an exciting thing.

<> on June 19, 2015 in Taormina, Italy.

Androgyny is all the rage! has a celebration of a few sexy out models we know and love.

Durex’s new NSFW ad includes sex positions for all couples, including same-sex females.

At xoJane, a woman who formerly identified as a lesbian and now bisexual writes about feeling guilty for having perceived heterosexual privilege in her relationship with a man.

Watch Scream last night? Here’s what’s coming up this season, including Audrey crying 🙁

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