A Kenyan lesbian visits the country she once fled in “Faith: A Documentary”

In 2009, out lesbian Faith fled her homeland of Kenya, seeking asylum in the United States. While making a new life in New York City, she met and fell in love with her now wife Jenny, and the couple started a family. Now, six years later, Faith wants to bring her family to visit Kenya, in a trip to not only give their child a deeper understanding of their culture, but hopefully a cathartic experience for Faith, who was persecuted for her sexuality while living there.


While this film is largely about Faith’s journey, both she and the filmmaker Molly Pelavin wanted to bring awareness of the issues that LGBTQI individuals face in Kenya, where homosexuality is still a crime and those found guilty face years in prison, simply for loving someone of the same sex. It’s even more important now as the United States takes huge steps in equality, that we turn our attention to those across the globe who fear assault, imprisonment and even death for the crime of being queer.  


Faith: A Documentary will take place both in the US and during the family’s visit to Kenya, which they plan to do this summer. They are raising funds via Kickstarter for basic expenses, but the film is largely a labor of love on all fronts. Faith’s story is uniquely hers, but it rings true for many LGBTQI people who live in hostile environments across the globe. It’s vital that we listen, and speak out for those whose voices are being purposefully silenced. You can follow updates about the film on their Facebook page.