Two women find the connection they desperately need in “Raven’s Touch”

There is a new lesbian film on the horizon from Soul Kiss Films. Raven’s Touch was written by Dreya Weber (The Gymnast, A Marine Story), who also co-produced and co-directed the film along with lesbian filmmaker Marina Rice Bader (Elena Undone, Anatomy of a Love Seen). The film follows two women who separately find solace in the wilderness, but find comfort in each other while coping with their individual issues.

“Marina had been bouncing around the idea of doing a film about a single mom with teenage kids for years,” Dreya said. “And she had a little bit of a different story, but loved that element of it. So, she presented this synopsis of her idea and I had asked if I could take a stab at writing the screen play based on the synopsis she had written.”

Drey plays the main character, Raven, who is dealing with the loss of her niece by isolating herself to a cabin in the woods for more than a month.

“The inspiration of the character Raven comes from my brother, who was diagnosed with HIV over 30 years ago and his health has just been a roller coaster since then,” Dreya said. “He would often battle with this instinct to want to crawl into a corner and isolate and that has always struck me that what I think a person needs the most during hard times is human contact and intimacy and yet I have observed this need to want to isolate and I don’t think he’s alone in that.”  


The other main character Kate (Traci Dinwiddie) is a single mom who has just gotten out of a relationship with Angela (Nadège August), who has been toxic to Kate and her children and continues to show violent behavior throughout the movie. In an attempt to get away from Angela, as well as get her rebellious teenagers to come together and have time as a family, Kate drags them to a campsite her grandfather owns, one they used to visit when they were children.

“When Traci came and read for the part of Kate, it was just wonderful,” Dreya said. “And her connection with the kids was just amazing.”

Kate and Kids

Throughout the film, not only do you see the relationship between Raven and Kate ignite, but you witness each woman fight their own demons in an attempt to come back to the root of what makes them happy. The idea of how we each cope with grief and lean on each other for strength is the message Dreya hopes people will take away from the film.

Kate and Raven

“If we can intervene on our own behalf when we are suffering grief and let others in, then we can be healed,” Dreya said. “We need people.”

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