Ellen Page might be Leonardo DiCaprio’s next leading lady

At 22-years-old, Ellen Page has already played some memorable roles in films like Juno, X-Men 3 and An American Crime. The Canadian actress seems to be picking her parts wisely, and they run the gamut, from starring in the upcoming Drew Barrymore-directed film, Whip It! to joining the cast of the feature film adaptation of Freeheld.

Now Page is rumored to have joined the cast of a sci-fi thriller called Inception.

The movie is going to be directed by Christopher Nolan, whose last film, The Dark Knight, you might have heard of. So far, Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who has a prett knack of his own for choosing great roles.

MTV Movies reports that the film is “a contemporary sci-fi thriller set within the architecture of the mind.”

Since there are no details on what kind of role Page would be playing in the film, hopefully confirmation will soon come that she is a part of it, and that the part is nothing less than a fun challenge. If she can master roller derby and being beaten to death by Catherine Keener, I believe she can outwit Leo.