Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez reunite in “The Fast and the Furious 4”

Didn’t you fall completely in love with Jordana Brewster in D.E.B.S.? If you answer no, then I will just assume you did not see that movie. In that case, stop reading and go rent it right now. I’ll wait.

I have really missed Brewster over the last five years. D.E.B.S. came out in 2004, and while she was in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2006, I pretty much refuse to watch gory movies, so I missed out. I also don’t watch Chuck. But now I’m in luck, as she will be in The Fast and the Furious 4, which opens in theaters April 3. Here’s the trailer:

(Confession: I did not see the first three of these films, but I don’t think I need the backstory to appreciate Brewster driving insanely fast sports cars and doing ridiculously dangerous stunts.)

Also, Brewster will be appearing alongside her co-star from the original FATF film, Michelle Rodriguez.

I’m basically just picturing the film as sort of a D.E.B.S. sequel, with only brief interruptions by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker (seriously, guys, way to ruin it for us).

Will you be seeing Brewster and Rodriguez driving some fast cars? And do you think they know all the lyrics to “Fast Car”?