6 Can’t Miss Films About Queer Women at Miami’s MiFo LGBT Film Festival


Restless Love (2016) Brazilrestless love poster

Restless Love revolves around three best friends: a straight woman, a gay man and a lesbian. They’re all in their 30s and they all have their love lives in the crapper. But hey, they have each other!

Mica (Renata Gaspar) has been involved with Duda (Ana Cañas), an actress, for over a year. Despite this, she’s never been introduced to her girlfriend’s family or friends. What’s more, Duda has made it pretty clear that it’s just not going to happen.

Restless Love

Mica’s the type to make excuses for others, and she definitely extends that courtesy to her girlfriend, who she explains is new to this. But even Mica has her limits, as we fortunately see. This relationship has been mostly about compromise, especially on Mica’s part. How much more is she willing to take and what, if anything, is Duda willing to give?

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Alena (2015) Swedenalena poster

If you don’t usually watch lesbian thrillers, Alena might be the movie to tempt you. Or it’ll turn you off scissoring forever. It really depends on your sensibilities.

Alena takes place in a private all-girls Swedish high school. Alena (Amalia Holm) is the new girl with a mysterious past and shy demeanor. Immediately, she gets on the bad side of Filippa (Molly Nutley), the school’s obviously blonde bully. But to Filippa’s horror, Alena finds her way onto the school’s lacrosse team and befriends the beautiful and oh so cool Fabienne (Felice Jankell).


But Alena has a stalker/protector situation going on with her best friend, Josefin (Rebecka Nyman). It’s especially weird because Josefin’s dead. Yup. But if you do okay with blood, this film is so worth it just to see how cute Alena and Fabienne are together. You know, all things considered…

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