6 Can’t Miss Films About Queer Women at Miami’s MiFo LGBT Film Festival

Me, Myself and Her (2015) Italyme myself and her poster

Older Italian women in love? Yes, please! Me, Myself and Her follows couple Federica (Margherita Buy) and Marina (Sabrina Ferilli) who have been together for five years and are now going through a rut in their relationship.

Marina is a former actress and very out. Federica, however, is much more reserved. She’s also lived a very different life from Marina, having been married to a man and having raised a son with him. So when Marina gets offered a role in a new movie, conservative Federica worries the press will be all over their relationship.

Me Myself Her

But Federica’s got other worries too, worries Marina should be concerned with as well. A man from Federica’s past is back in her life and she’s more than tempted. Of course, things are more complicated than just the surface level stuff. Can these two actually make it work?

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Love Is All You Need? (2016) USAlove-poster


What if being homosexual was the norm and the religious right was actually on the side of same-sex couples? What if hate crimes motivated by people’s real or perceived sexual orientations still persisted, but now the shoe was on the other foot? That world would probably look a lot like Love Is All You Need?

Jude (Briana Evigan) is the star of her school’s football team and girlfriend to homecoming queen hopeful Kelly (Emily Osment). They’re a great looking couple and certainly care about one another, but Jude’s world is turned upside down when she realizes she has feelings for Ryan (Tyler Blackburn of Pretty Little Liars).



They’re not the only “ros” (a derogatory term for heterosexuals used throughout the movie) in town either. Emily (Kyla Kenedy) is a young girl who’s bullied relentlessly throughout the film. There’s also Susan (Ana Ortiz), who moves into town with her husband to head the local school’s Hetero Alliance. And no, there doesn’t seem to be space for bisexuals in this world either, as the word’s never mentioned. I guess some things never change, as this movie shows over and over again.

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Other films of interest at the MiFo LGBT Film Festival include Girl Gets Girl, First Girl I Loved, Suited, The Firefly.