Maria Sole Tognazzi on her controversial middle-age lesbian love story “Me, Myself and Her”

AE: So how about Marina? Marina is very forgiving. Even after finding out about the cheating, she gives Federica the option of staying and they even go on a vacation to try to work things out. Why does she give her all these chances?

MST: Because when you love someone and when you are afraid to lose someone, you try everything. Probably Marina, with her character, her way to live problems and life, tries to go against the problem and to say, “Okay, no problem. I don’t want to say nothing. Sometimes in life it happens. I don’t want to say nothing, okay? I forgive you. Now we can talk about this thing and we start together another time.”


AE: While dealing with dramatic subjects such as cheating and an identity crisis, you also managed to keep the film light in tone and funny. How important was that to you?

MST: I had another film before this that was in America too, with the name of A Five Star Life. The title here in Italy was Viaggio Sola, with Margherita Buy again. It was a comedy like this, with the same tone, with the same realistic comedy but sometimes a little bit melancholic. It’s not a typical comedy. It was very difficult to equilibrate the comedy and the drama, but this is my characteristic. I like to have some funny moments, but I want a real film, a real comedy, which people can really see themselves in.


AE: Have the Italian press written a lot about the movie?

MST: Yes. All the websites and the newspapers. And after the film too. Sabrina Ferilli is a very important actress and a sex symbol in Italy and Margherita Buy is the most important actress in Italy. So newspapers are talking about this strange couple and the problem of homosexuality in Italy before this law that’s now arrived.


AE: How do you feel audiences have received the film?

MST: In Italy, it was a good audience and it was a good public because it’s a mix between an LGBT public and a heterosexual public. I saw some differences here in Italy and around the world. It was funny and important for me to see the different ways to love and appreciate the film.

It’s only the crisis of a couple. It would be the same with a heterosexual couple. And so I wanted to talk about this couple in the same way because I think love is the same and the mechanisms and the things that you live in a story are really the same.

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