Ask (May 5, 2009)

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Question: I have a movie script which is perfect for Jennifer Aniston. Do you know of anyone who can help me get my script to her. I will be willing to pay $2,000 for it.

― Anon.

Answer: Sadly, no, I do not. Which is too bad for both of us, because I could use $2,000.

Question: What’s going on with the band Antigone Rising? Are they still together?

― Kitta, USA

Answer: Yes. In 2008, the band’s lead singer, Cassidy left the group to launch a solo career and the remaining members (Kristen Henderson, Cathy Henderson, Dena Tauriello, and Jen Zielenbach) toured briefly as Antigone Four. Lately they’ve been joined onstage by Shannon McNally (a talented artist with several great records under her belt) on vocals, and the band is now performing again as Antigone Rising.

Out guitarist Kristen Henderson told me, “We just did our second show with Shannon McNally in NYC. We love working with Shannon and plan to do more shows with her later this year. We’re also playing a few shows with The Bangles later this month in NYC (BB Kings 5/24) and Northampton, MA (Calvin Theater 5/29). Our good friend, Nini Camps will be sitting in with the band for those shows.”

Henderson was recently featured in Real Simple Magazine along with her partner, Sarah Ellis. In the article, “Two Women, Two Babies, One Family,” about how she and Ellis became pregnant at the same time and delivered their son and daughter only weeks apart.

Kristen Henderson with Sarah Ellis and their children,
Thomas Tupper Ellis-Henderson and Kate Spencer Ellis-Henderson

In the article, Ellis admitted, “One of the advantages of a dual pregnancy is that no one is skinny. After an awful lot of restaurant meals, we would order an enormous chocolate banana split and not think twice about it. You don’t get self-conscious ― it’s shared pighood.” As awesome as that sounds, the timing brought with it some disadvantages too. Ellis added, “One day we accidentally dropped our keys in front of the door to our house, and I said, ‘We should just call a locksmith.’ It seemed easier to change the locks than bend over.”

I also learned from the article that Henderson played an 80-minute show when she was 8 1/2 months pregnant. I don’t know that I can ever justify calling in “sick” to work again.

Thanks to AE reader Amanda for her help with this AR update!