Simone Kaye and Jennifer Ellison to star in lesbian vampire flick “Carmilla”

English actresses Jennifer Ellison and Simone Kaye are going gay for pay in — what’s this? — another lesbian vampire movie. It was just announced that they will play sapphic blood-suckers in Carmilla, which is based Sheridan Le Fanu’s cult classic Victorian novel published 25 years before Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

An illustration from the book

But this isn’t the first time the novel is being adapted for the screen. The first time was for the 1960 film Blood Roses, which has become a classic lesbian vampire film, along with Vampyros Lesbos and Vampyres.

There was also a television adaptation of Carmilla, in an 1989 episode of Nightmare Classics starring Meg Tilly. Although, on TV, Tilly’s Carmilla and Marie, the girl she stays with after her coach crashes, only become “extremely close” (i.e. they don’t french). But, even a little googly eyes was enough for her to be accused of being a witch.

So, naturally, we need a modern-day remake involving a former pin-up who’s been voted “The World’s Sexiest Blonde” by various magazines. Ellison will play Laura and Kaye will be playing the lead role.

Jennifer Ellison

Apparently, this year’s Lesbian Vampire Killers wasn’t enough to add to the already impressively long list of lesbian vampire films. Although, that film was kind of a joke, right?

I wonder what it is about vampires and lesbians that seem to go so hand-in-hand for filmmakers. Why isn’t there a niche of lesbian films involving things like firefighters, fitness instructors or construction workers? I’m guessing because hot bods and blood-red lips are sexier than hard hats?