“Fish Out of Water” takes on Fred Phelps and homophobia

If you’re a fan of For the Bible Tells Me So, consider this an updated sequel. Fish Out of Water is a new documentary that will be debuting at Outfest in Los Angeles next month, focusing on the interpretations of homosexuality in the bible.

You may remember reading about the film before when Kaki King talked about working to score the film, and why it was so important for her to be involved in the project:

It didn’t take much convincing. It’s a project they’ve been working on so hard, for so long … I’ve had people call me a sinner, and I’m like, ‘I’m not a sinner, I’m a great person.’ I’m a big fan of Jesus, even though I’m not a Christian, but in his role as a philosopher. His message and the message of Christianity can get so twisted, and for such weird reasons.

Fish Out of Water is from lesbian film director Ky Dickens, who felt compelled to put together the documentary after facing homophobia from the sisters in her Vanderbilt sorority.

The film follows Ky’s personal journey as she narrates footage from the first legal gay marriage in Boston, shots from Prop. 8 rallies, the Obama election and animated sequences illustrating Bible verses. There’s also a lot of actual commentary from the people she’s talking about: Gays and lesbians and the ministers, preachers and historians who all want to see the truth about religion and gays reaching the others in the film, who openly discuss their discontent for the LGBT community.

And that includes this guy:

That’s right: Fred Phelps. And he, of course, always has something to say. Luckily, there are lot of more intelligent, well-spoken people involved with the film.

Here’s the trailer:

Does Fish Out of Water look like something you would be into seeing if it comes to a film fest near you?