Eden Riegel plays Lilith the lesbian in “Year One”

Eden Riegel is obviously no stranger to playing gay for pay, as her All My Children character Bianca Montgomery was the first soap opera lesbian ever. And now she’s at it again, in the new Jack Black/Michael Cera comedy Year One, which opens in theaters today.

The Harold Ramis-directed film revolves around Black and Cera’s caveman characters, Zed and Oh, wandering around during biblical times (strange, right?). While it might make absolutely no sense and is probably aimed to entertain 13-year-old boys, we can appreciate Eden continuing to not shy away from bringing visibility.

Here’s the trailer:

Eden plays Lilith, Adam and Eve’s daughter. (Lilith — really?) When Adam instructs Zed to “lie with” Lilith to fulfill god’s wishes of to “be fruitful and multiple,” Lilith says, “I like girls,” putting a modern spin things.

Since I haven’t seen the film yet (thanks jlews, for the tip), I’m not sure how much Lilith being a lesbian will actually be brought up, so it’s hard to say if that will be enough to make this film sound interesting.

However, Olivia Wilde is also in it, playing Princess Inanna. She, alone, could be enough to make me see just about anything.

Maybe her and Lilith’s paths will cross, if you know what I mean. Doubtful, I know.

Will you be seeing Year One?