Lez Dish It Out! AfterEllen’s LGBT Weekly Round-Up

Photo: Viceland, Huffington Post, V Magazine, Sony Pictures
Photo: Viceland, Huffington Post, V Magazine, Sony Pictures

Salutations, lady lovers! This week was an automatic win thanks to Lesbian Visibility Day on April 26, an event AE writer Lily Khuu discussed HERE.

As for my own visibility, you know you’re a lesbian writing about lesbian news when:

Photo: Gmail
Photo: Gmail

Moving on! This week Ellen Page released previews for Gaycation’s United We Stand, Cara Delevingne went bald for a movie role, and Ellen DeGeneres celebrated the TWENTIETH anniversary of her coming out episode! Lez get to it!

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Congrats, Ellen!!!

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

Wow. Can you believe it has been twenty years since Ellen came out on TV? It’s truly humbling to witness how far we’ve come since the lesbian icon’s bold and historic move. While researching this special anniversary, I learned so many new things about Ellen‘s “Puppy Episode”, which first aired on April 30th, 1997. For instance, I didn’t know the “Puppy” title was partly inspired by an ABC exec’s suggestion that DeGeneres’ TV persona should get a dog rather than a relationship. Ahead of this monumental occasion, fans like me are learning more and more about the minor notes that led to this crescendo for gay women across the country.

Obviously, Ellen is going ALL OUT in honor of the anniversary. To mark the special day, the comedienne is bringing back all the major players of the episode like Oprah Winfrey, Laura Dern, Joely Fisher, Clea Lewis and David Anthony Higgins. This will be the first cast reunion since the show ended its run in 1998.

Photo: NBC

As you may recall, Winfrey played DeGeneres’ therapist while Dern (Susan) took on the role of her love interest. The two were pivotal in Ellen’s coming out story, so you can expect some emotional quotes from them. It’s interesting because I had no idea Dern and Winfrey received a ton of backlash for participating in the episode — I naively thought the vitriol was solely directed at Ellen.

Check out a preview clip of the monumental anniversary and some poignant quotes from Ellen below:

On why E.D. decided to come out so publicly:

“I was doing just fine. The show was a success, my career was a success, and there was no real reason for me to do it other than I did some work on myself, some deep soul-searching, and realized I was really carrying around a lot of shame … No matter how many times I tried to rationalize that I didn’t need anyone to know, I knew that it was a secret. And I knew that there was a possibility that people would hate me for the simple fact that no matter how much they loved my comedy or my show, but they might hate me if they knew I was gay. It became more important to me than my career. I suddenly said, “Why am I being, you know, ashamed of who I am just to be successful and famous in society’s eyes?” … And then I thought, the character on the show is clearly struggling. There’s no relationship. It was pretty clear it would be an easy transition for her to realize she was gay, which was why her relationships with men weren’t working out.”

On the backlash:

“I knew I was risking hurting my career … But to know that Laura Dern was punished for it just because she played my love interest in that show is crazy. I mean, she’s a brilliant actress, she’s heterosexual, and yet she was punished. And Oprah [Winfrey] got hate mail just for being a part of it. Obviously, that’s why a lot of people don’t come out, because there’s a very loud and clear message … that a lot of people don’t understand it [being gay], and because they don’t understand it, they fear, and because they fear it, they hate it. But I had no idea the amount of hate. I had no idea that there would be death threats or a bomb scare. It was a really scary time.”

P.S. Travel back to 1997 with a clip from the “Puppy” episode and enjoy this flashback to Ellen’s Time Magazine cover:

Photo: Time Magazine
Photo: Time Magazine

P.S. Check out AE’s article on the years following the pivotal episode HERE.

And HERE is an ET Canada article with our Editor in Chief’s commentary.

Cara Delevingne Graces The Cover Of V Magazine Amid A Few Controversies


Cara is currently on the press circuit for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (July 21) and she recently chatted to V Magazine about landing the role.

On her audition:

“I had to prove myself, but not in a typical audition setting. Luc would say stuff like, ‘Make up a story in your head and describe it to me using no real words, just physicality and random sounds you make up.’ Or, ‘Think of an animal and act it out and I have to guess what animal it is.’”

On doing her own stunts:

“When I hear that there’s an option that I can do it instead of a stunt person, I’m always like, ‘Please let me do it! Throw me off the building, I like that!’”

Check out some photos from the spread below:

Photo: V Magazine
Photo: V Magazine
Photo: V Magazine
Photo: V Magazine

Shortly after the magazine pics were released, Ms. Delevingne decided to shave her head! The drastic change is for her role in Life In A Year, an emotional film about 17-year-old who finds out his girlfriend has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only one year left to live.

Now on to the controversies…