Kelly McGillis gets a starring role in “Stake Land”

Recently out actress Kelly McGillis is back on the highway to the danger zone. The former Top Gun star has joined forces with Danielle Harris, hero of Halloween II through Halloween MCMXCVIII, for a new film called Stake Land.

Horror movie site Bloody Disgusting describes the flick like this: “Stake Land is a post-apocalyptic vampire story in the style of The Grapes of Wrath.”

So, I guess it’s like a bloodier version of Oregon Trail? Instead of losing blankets in a flood and contracting typhoid, you lose your wooden crosses in a brimstone shower while your neck gets gobbled by a vampire?

McGillis will play a nun, aptly named “Sister,” who faces a crisis of faith (as anyone would) during all the vampire bloodshed. Ultimately she takes up arms (again: as anyone would) to fight off the post-apocalyptic hooligans.

(You think this is Fake Gay News, but it’s not.)

Dark Sky Productions vice-president Greg Newman said in a statement: “Jim [Mickle] and Nick [Damici] have written a uniquely intense part for ‘Sister’, and we are thrilled to see Kelly McGillis in the role. This is a very ambitious project, with a genuinely epic sweep, and we cannot wait to bring it to audiences next year.”

After several recurring guest spots on TV, including one on The L Word, this will be McGillis’ first role on a feature film in almost ten years. got their hands on the first image from Stake Land today:


Stake Land is slated for release next summer. Are you interested in watching Kelly McGillis battle it out with vampires?