Rachel Weisz is into being a lesbian icon

With her sultry looks and pouty lips, it’s no wonder actress Rachel Weisz has been put on many lists of leading ladies we love. (Alliteration is fun!) In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Español she tells them that not only does she love being a lesbian icon — she would also love to take on a lesbian role.

From the cover of the glossy magazine, a half-dressed Weisz stares back at us with a come hither look so sexy I might just put a few Euros in the mail and subscribe. Beneath her beautiful photo, the captions read, “Rachel Weisz is sexy! Is excited! Is fun! Is the new Amenábar girl!” and then quotes her as saying, “I want to be a lesbian icon.”

My Spanish is a little rusty but I was able to glean this from the interview, in which she talks a lot about her role in Agora, which we showed you for the trailer for a few weeks back.

Somewhere along the line, Rachel was asked how she felt about being named the most desired woman among lesbians (as proclaimed in an English newspaper). To this she said, “It’s fantastic, don’t you think? I love being a lesbian icon!” She goes on to say she would love to be given a lesbian role in a film. “Something like Ang Lee did (with Brokeback Mountain) with a history of women.”

I think I just tinkled myself a little thinking about this. I could do without the impending doom that will no doubt be a part of any historical lesbian love story taken to the big screen, but count me in among the group of women who would like to see this happen — though please make sure Ilene Chaiken is not considered to take on the role of director.