Desperately Seeking a shred of hope for Broadway

desperatelyseekingsusan.jpgAccording to, a musical version of Desperately Seeking Susan will open this fall. For some reason, the musical based on the 1985 Madonna film will feature the hits of Blondie and a new song by Debbie Harry.

As in the film, the musical will focus on Roberta Glass (originally played by Rosanna Arquette), a bored New Jersey housewife who obsessively follows the personal ads of the mysterious Susan (originally played by Madonna, in her cinematic debut), an East Village drifter.

According to, “When Roberta suffers a bad case of amnesia, she and Susan unexpectedly swap lives and are plunged into a world of jewel heists, magic shows and rock ‘n’ roll. The collision of Roberta and Susan’s identities takes them on a wild journey of mystery, self-awareness, and true love—with both women discovering that you never know where your life is going, until something magical happens.”

No word yet on whether “something magical” includes the overnight acquisition of a British accent or the complete loss of all body fat, but stay tuned.

Or get into the groove.

Either way.