“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” gets a U.S. release

Have you read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? If not, go read it real quick. We’ll wait.

Back already? I’m not surprised. Stieg Larsson wrote a trilogy that, by all accounts, is hard to put down. (We’re still waiting for the third book to be released in the U.S.) Read LeeAnn Kriegh’s excellent AfterEllen.com review if you want a second opinion.

We’re still waiting on word about when an American adaptation of Girl will be made (current rumors place it in 2012), but the Swedish version is about to be released in the U.S. (March 19) and we have a new trailer.

When a book this popular is adapted for the big screen, fans always are concerned about casting, since they feel like they know the characters. But Noomi Rapace, who plays bisexual protagonist Lisbeth Salander, has received high praise for her portrayal.

Yasmine Garbi plays Lisbeth’s lesbian sometime-lover Miriam, who takes a prominent role in the trilogy’s second book, The Girl Who Played With Fire.

Both women are strong and compelling — they are far from stereotypical les/bi characters. And even though the movie is violent and borders on misogynistic (the Swedish title is Men Who Hate Women), sexual orientation is not a factor.

The other two movies in the trilogy have already been shot in Sweden, so if this one does well in the U.S., we probably will get to see those, too. I hope so.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Any casting ideas for the American version?