Review of “She Likes Girls 4”

Much like the previous entries in the series, She Likes Girls 4 offers a selection of lesbian short films, cherry-picked to represent some of the best examples from the last year or two. This time around, the focus is on “tomboys and tough girls,” though the theme doesn’t really carry through the whole collection (or the bubblegum pink packaging).

Thankfully, the quality is consistent and none of the movies feels like a cheap throwaway or worse a transparent nod to a famous celesbian. There are a couple of mild clunkers in the bunch, but nothing poor enough to ruin the whole package. In fact, the overall experience is likely to satisfy far better than your average lesbian feature film.

The collection begins with Babysitting Andy, one of the more offbeat comedies in the bunch. Actually, all of the funny shorts in this package are oddly surreal with a prevailing campiness that makes But I’m a Cheerleader look like a sobering war film.

Andy is the tale of a young tomboy (Andy herself) who needs looking after as her mother goes into labor. Her uncle and his partner are tasked with taking care of the water gun toting, fort-building little hellion, who demands to know the meaning of a particular sexual term.

It’s funny and light, but it has nothing on the second film Pitstop. The premise is simple a young girl (the description calls her a “tomboy”, but she’s more quirky than boyish) vacationing with her rowdy family gets left at a country gas station. While she waits for their return, she has a conversation with an older lesbian.

Like the very best short films, it depicts a moment in time, this one immortalized by an exchange of quiet significance. It’s all very subtle – and there’s no real conflict, but the film feels “real” and sweet in a nostalgic way.