Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba make a statement in “Machete”

If you like a little politics with your pulp, a little sexy with your slashing, then the new Cinco de Mayo edition of the Machete trailer is for you. The Robert Rodriguez film, an expansion of the fake trailer in his 2007 film Grindhouse, stars a bevy of famous faces including Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba.

The special “illegal” trailer was released on Cinco de Mayo in protest of the controversial new immigration law in Arizona, which has been decried for encouraging racial profiling. The strict new law, which gives police free range to detain anyone they think is an illegal immigrant and makes it a crime to not carry immigration documents, has been harshly criticized by everyone from President Barack Obama to superstars like Shakira and Ricky Martin and Hispanic and civil rights groups. And now, it also has the stars of Machete to reckon with.

[WARNING: NSFW language and violent imagery]

The film’s timely plot seems ripped from the headlines, even though it was shot well before the controversy over the Arizona law erupted. Filmed in the B-movie, exploitation-genre style, it stars a mix of marquee names (Robert De Niro), character actors (Machete himself Danny Trejo) and has-been superstars (Steven Seagal). But it’s the ladies I care about the most, naturally.

Michelle plays Luz, a taco seller and friend of Machete’s. At some point she acquires an eye patch. Now that should be an interesting story.

Lindays plays a rich socialite with a love of guns. I don’t why she is wearing a nun outfit either, but I bet that too will be a damn good story.

And then there’s Jessica, who plays a U.S. immigration official in search of Machete. But it seems even she has a change of heart over her chosen profession.

The hyper-violent, retro-themed trailer certainly sets a tone. Couple that with its unapologetic political point of view and I’m there. What can I say, I like a little message with my mayhem. So, how about you? Ready to slice and dice with Machete and its leading ladies?