A gay girl’s guide to summer movies

One of the most exciting things about summer are the films hitting theaters come the end of May. What makes it more exciting are all the gay women and lesbian storylines involved with the documentaries, indie features and blockbusters. And while we’re aware Eclipse comes out at the end of June, we’re going to stick with the ones that include out women either on or behind the camera.

Sex and the City 2 (May 27)

Starring out actress Cynthia Nixon, the sequel to the first film has Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte traveling to Morocco. If you’re a fan, prove movies starring females can bring in big bucks at the box office by going on opening night.


Whiz Kids (June 4)

This documentary about teens trying to win a science competition was written, produced and directed by lesbians Tina DiFeliciantonio and Jane C. Wagner. Their 2004 documentary about teenage lesbians, Girls Like Us, won an Emmy and Sundance Grand Jury Prize.

Stonewall Uprising (June 16)

Kate Davis directs this documentary that details living gay in 1969 before the Stonewall Inn was raided and riots ensued. Fun fact: Davis was an editor on lesbian director Jennie Livingston’s Paris is Burning.


8: The Mormon Proposition (June 18)

Gay men are at the helm of this documentary, but lesbians are Mormons, too! The film attempts to get to the bottom of why the Mormon church is so homophobic and supported the passing of Prop. 8.


Jonah Hex (June 18)

Megan Fox stars as a Western woman in a corset. She is bisexual. That’s about as gay as it gets.


I Am Love (June 18)

Alba Rohrwacher plays Tilda Swinton‘s gay daughter in this Italian film. Alba’s character Elisabetta is afraid to come out to her wealthy conservative family.


Boogie Woogie (June 27)

Jaime Winstone plays a lesbian involved in the seedy art world of London, where she seduces women like Heather Graham and Gemma Atkinson and both scenes make it on screen.


The Girl Who Played With Fire (July 2)

In the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Lisbeth Salander gets gayer with on-and-off girlfriend Miriam when she’s not being framed for murder and being hunted by police and criminals.


The Kids Are All Right (July 7)

Lesbian director Lisa Cholodenko‘s latest film follows Julianne Moore and Annete Bening as gay moms having some issues with their sperm donor (Mark Ruffalo). The plot is inspired by Cholodenko’s own attempts at getting pregnant with her partner.


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (August 13)

Mae Whitman plays Roxy, the ex-girlfriend of Scott’s new love interest Ramona. She’s said to have some kick ass action scenes, though likely no romantic reconciliation with her ex.


Please note that some of these opening dates may vary, depending on location and some will only be in select theaters. That being said, add them to your Netflix queue to make sure you don’t miss them.