A Victoria’s Secret model steps in for Megan Fox in “Transformers 3”

Cinephiles, rest easy. The next great master thespian to fill Megan Fox’s short-shorts in Transformers 3 has been chosen. Director Michael Bay, ever the stickler for acting talent and professional pedigree, has selected Victoria’s Secret lingerie model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to star in the threequel.

Wait, who, you ask? The 23-year-old British model is a newcomer to acting, but not to Michael Bay and things blowing up. She starred in the big-budget Victoria’s Secret Christmas ad shot by Bay which also featured helicopters, explosions and many, many lacy bras. You know, this one.

While Bay and the studio haven’t confirmed Rosie as Megan’s replacement, Victoria’s Secret seems convinced. They released a video congratulating to their star model. From the looks of it, Rosie is definitely bendy enough for the role. Shia Labeouf must have been very, very good in a past life. (UPDATE: Michael Bay just confirmed and welcomed Rosie to the franchise on his blog.)

I have to hand it to Bay, he has finally perfected his movie formula with Rosie’s addition to the franchise. He makes the world’s biggest movies about boobs and things that go boom.

So, what do you think? Is a Rosie by another name just as hot as a Fox? Yeah, I went there.