“Jack and Diane” shaping up to be a sexy, violent thriller

Caution: Major spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to know anything about Jack & Diane, skip this post entirely.

What we’ve known about Jack and Diane, up until this point, was that it centers on two young women who end up romancing each other one night in New York City. They also just happen to be werewolves. Reading the casting updates was like watching a merry-go-round full of hot young actresses. Finally, Juno Temple (as Diane) and Riley Keough (as Jack) were cast and other notable stars like Jena Malone signed on as well.

With some of the sides finally available, we can give you a little more insight as to what we can expect from the film. Jack works at a goth poster shop in Manhattan, which Diane stumbles in to after stealing some lunch from an eatery nearby. Jack is a rebellious punk type whose nose bleeds constantly, and she and Diane find they both are lost souls. 

In one scene, Jack meets up with friends Lucy and Anna at a bar called the Zebra Club (despite being underage). Lucy asks her, "Who are you waiting for?" When Jack tells her "No one," Lucy presses on: "Come on, did you get some?"

In response, Jack takes her hands and "wipes her undearm" and says "Yeah, smell," holding her fingers up to Lucy’s nose, causing Lucy to back off. But Anna wants to know, too. "Who’s the girl?"

Obviously, the girl is Diane.

From what has been made available, it appears that Jack and Diane meet right before Diane is to move to Paris. On Diane’s last night in town, she just wants to be with Jack, but it doesn’t appear to be working in her favor. When they arrive at a loft party together in NYC’s Lower East Side, Jack tells Diane she has to go see her mom.

Jack: I’ll be right back, like 40 minutes. Have fun, okay?
Diane: I wanna come with you.
Jack: You should stay.
Diane: But it’s my last night.
Jack: I said I’ll be right back.