ABC Family wants to make a TV movie about Constance McMillen

When ABC Family canceled lesbian-written, fat-positive show Huge earlier this week, it appeared that they might be getting a little less queer. But now is reporting that the network is working on a TV movie about Constance McMillen, who famously was not only disallowed from her high school prom for wanting to bring her girlfriend, but saw the entire dance canceled just to keep her away.

Deadline writes:

The project, in early stages of development, hails from Craig Zadan and Neil Meron and Sony Pictures TV who have optioned the rights to McMillen’s story. Ghost Whisperer creator/executive producer John Gray will write the script and is expected to direct.

They also note that the producers are openly gay and have won four GLAAD Media Awards for Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story, What Makes A Family and Wedding Wars.

As we know, Constance’s story doesn’t end with the prom getting canceled: there was a huge uproar from the media and concerned citizens (including some of her own peers) that couldn’t believe the Mississippi High School could be so vindictive and homophobic. Then there were anti-Candace Facebook groups and a fake prom. The cruelty didn’t stop. But the joke was on them when Wanda Sykes and Ellen invited Constance to appear on their shows, and the 17-year-old later sued the school district and won a $35,000. She’s also become a face for lesbian youth, appearing as Grand Marshal of the New York Pride Parade and on the red carpets of GLAAD and other gay events.

Kudos to ABC Family for continuing their commitment to the LGBT community. Despite the loss of Huge, we still have a major queer character on Pretty Little Liars, and what seems to be an interest in furthering their gay visibility on new and established shows. But I would like to say to the gentleman working on the movie that Savanah Dooley would be a great asset to your project, now that Huge is no more.

So, first thing’s first: who is going to play Constance?