Was “The Accused” the “most lesbian movie ever made”?

Now that Kelly McGillis has been out of the closet for a while, out Village Voice columnist MIchael Musto has a theory: The Accused “was the most lesbian movie ever made.” Why? McGillis is the star, alongside Jodie Foster.

Here’s the trailer:

I wouldn’t say this is the most “lesbian” movie ever made, though he does joke it could be “behind the scenes.” (Would have been interesting on set, don’t you think?) The movie focuses on two women going after evil men,andand includes one of the most horrific rape scenes ever included in a feature film. That’s what Musto would stereotypically consider “lesbian”? So no, Mr. Musto, it isn’t the “most lesbian movie ever made.”

Considering that McGillis has spoken out about being a rape survivor, the 1988 film was likely a passion project that was close to her heart. I’m sure the lesbian-lite content was less of a concern.

There are plenty of actual lesbian films that are more worthy of the honor of “most lesbian movie ever made” and they don’t include sexual assault. Nominations, please?