Universal Studios pulls “gay” joke from trailer for “The Dilemma”

It was three weeks ago that AfterElton.com’s Ed Kennedy first voiced a concern with the trailer for the new Vince Vaughn movie The Dilemma which featured Vince Vaughn’s character saying that electric cars and parents chaperoning dances are "gay." Yes, "gay" as in something bad. Vaughn’s character explains he doesn’t mean "gay" as in "homosexual." Just lame. Dumb. Not worthwhile. You know the drill.

Like that makes us feel better.

Anyway, after GLAAD complained and Anderson Cooper brought it up during a recent discussion of how GLBT students face bullying in schools, Universal had the decency to remove the scene from all upcoming promotional materials. However, it’s likely to still be in the movie itself.

Nonetheless, this is an encouraging sign that the studio heard the concerns and acted, which should send a message to every other studio that this sort of homophobic humor is no longer acceptable.

Here is the trailer in case you missed it.