Emily Deschanel’s “Perfect Family” has Angelique Cabral as her hot girlfriend and Kathleen Turner as her overbearing mom

In a new interview with Vital Voice, legendary actress Kathleen Turner was asked about playing characters that are “marginalized” by the church. This proved a great opportunity for her to discuss her upcoming film as the mom of a lesbian, played by Emily Deschanel. The movie, called The Perfect Family, just wrapped production, so this is our first real hint of what we can look forward to soon.

Turner said:

… I play a woman, a suburban housewife, sort of lower middle class, who is extremely active in the Catholic Church, and she’s been nominated for Catholic Woman of the Year in her Archdiocese. She desperately wants to win this because it carries with it—clever, crafty people—absolution for whatever she may have done in her life. She has a secret, and she feels that this absolution would save her soul. In the process of trying to make her family appear acceptable for the Church authorities, she completely alienates her lesbian daughter, her divorced son who married his high school girlfriend because she was pregnant, and her alcoholic husband. She’s trying to hide all of their natures from the Church that she’s sworn to. Again, it’s an extraordinary story about the impact of organized religion.

Emily plays Shannon and her girlfriend, Angela, is played by Angelique Cabral, which makes them one hot couple.

The Perfect Family is written by Claire Riley and Paula Goldberg (Out at the Wedding, Her Line of Fire) and directed by Anne Renton, an out filmmaker whose short film, Love is Love, featured Jane Lynch and Margaret Cho. Here it is, as part of Logo’s Best in Short Film.


With such a stellar cast and lesbians at the helm, I have high hopes for this film. It can’t come out soon enough. I’m wondering which Deschanel sister will have their lesbian film out first — Zooey could beat Emily with My Idiot Brother. May the most convincing gayschenel win!