Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey and Sandra Bullock join forces for a new comedy

So Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey and Sandra Bullock walk into a bar. Sounds like a joke set-up, but it’s actually a movie – minus the bar part. The three Hollywood heavyweights are coming together for a comedy. And if you go see it, you get a car.

OK, I was lying about the car thing. But hearing about that awesome assemblage of is almost as overwhelming as winning a car. According to, the three actresses/forces of nature are coming together for a comedy by Michael Patrick King of Sex and the City fame. But wait, there’s more: The comedy will be set in the world of a Home-Shopping-style network. It’s like the Oprah Book Club on steroids.

There are few other details, and there isn’t even a script yet. But King told Deadline he hopes to have writing done by January. The story would follow the women as they “make their way through the maze of mania that surrounds marketing, marriages and the media .” Listen, if these women can work a Ron Popeil Food Dehydrator, they can clearly do anything.

Given that King, the man who wrote, directed and produced the two Sex and the City movies, hasn’t even started the script yet, now seems like a perfect time to offer a few plot suggestions. And by that, I mean ways to lez up the story.

First, obviously, you should make Meryl and Sandra a couple. They already have experience making out and I think the world is ready. Plus, she would be the best revenge rebound from her cheating ex-husband possible.

But if you don’t want to make Sandra and Meryl a couple, consider adding Scarlett Johansson instead. Those two have also been practicing their, um, lines.

Though if you see now way of working either of those scenarios into the storyline, then I think your only logical remaining choice is to make Meryl and Oprah a couple. Mary J. Blige could be the pastor who marries them and Nicole Kidman could be the flower girl. Come on, that’s total Oscar bait. I’ll even drop my consulting fee on that one.

So, what do you think? Excited about these three powerhouses joining forces? Curious about how the guy behind Sex and the City will handle another female ensemble? Ready to buy your ticket immediately, or do have to throw in a free pair of Ginsu knives to sweeten the deal?