20 scary movies with lesbian and bisexual characters getting busy

It’s that time of year again — time to break out the scary movies. Strangely, this is also the one genre, outside of our own lesbian-directed category, in which lesbian characters and situations are quite plentiful. In 1936, it began with Dracula’s Daughter starring Gloria Holden as Countess Marya Zaleska, who had a penchant for female victims. It took 30 more years, though, for the lesbian vampire to return, and it’s been done several times since.

Luckily, we’re not always vampires, and we’re not always the killers. While horror continues to be one of the most popular areas of entertainment, it’s interesting that queer characters are often included as part of otherwise straight storylines. Generally their sexuality isn’t an area of focus, though lesbian sex scenes (like any sex scene in these films) are quite gratuitous. It seems, though, we get the same treatment that any other character does in the scary movie realm: we live or we die, and sometimes we’re nuts in the interim.

Considering these films are often works of the supernatural or science fiction, no one is taking it too seriously. It’s all for the fun of being afraid, and it gives us plenty of chances to feel more involved in the fear.

Here are 20 horror movies with lesbian themes or characters to watch this Halloween.

Et Mourir de Plaisir (Blood and Roses) (1960)

Who plays gay: Annette Strøyberg and Elsa Martinelli
Plot: Carmilla is obsessed with her family’s vampiric history and decides to take some victims of her own.
File Under: Old school version of a popular lesbian vampiress.

Reunion of Terror (2008)

Who plays gay: Nikie Zambo and Jessie Hail
Plot: Six people reunite 10 years after graduating high school together. Of course, they throw a party at a secluding hunting cabin, and members of the group begin to go missing.
File Under: Predictable plot with a brutal ending.

May (2002)

Who plays gay: Anna Faris and Angela Bettis
Plot: May is a loner, until she gets a job at a vet hospital. When she tries to make friends, she can’t help hurting them.
File Under: Creepy film with a well-known actress playing a wild gay woman.

Tatlong Araw ng Kadiliman (3 Days of Darkness)

Who plays gay: Gwen Garci and Katya Santos
Plot: Kimberly, Michiko and Isabel are trapped together in a house when an “apocalyptic prophecy” begins. They each have secrets that are coming out slowly as they encounter evil.
File Under: A women of color lesbian couple that is OK with getting it on while being worried for their lives.