Huddle: Horror film heroines

If you’re like me, your television has been turned onto FearNet or the Chill Channel for most of October already. So I had to know who everyone’s favorite final girl is. There are so many to choose from, I thought it’d be difficult, but it seems like it was an easy task for our writers — at least for the ones that watch scary movies.

OK, team: Who is your favorite horror film heroine?

Drummerdeeds: I feel like appreciating female stars in horror movies could get a little bit raunchy. I mean, what can you compliment them on besides having a damn good scream? See what I mean? Nonetheless, Jennifer Love Hewitt was the bomb in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

And Naomi Watts in The Ring — and Nicole Kidman in The Others. Ugh, it’s way too hard to pick one; how can you not like scary movies? I’m gonna go watch The Shining by myself. Happy Halloween, ghouls and bois!

Courtney Gillette: I don’t know much about the heroines of scary movies, since any time I’m forced to watch a scary movie, I watch 90 percent of it with my hands over my eyes. But my favorite faux scary movie would have to be that awesome gem of the ’80s, Clue. And while every woman in that film is pretty badass (I’ve wanted Mrs. Peacock’s glasses for the longest), my favorite leading lady has gotta be Mrs. White, hands down.

That veil, that affect of disinterest, that scathing sarcasm! Homegirl killed her husband, then kills her husband’s lover, and does it in pearls. She’s definitely a little crazy, but if I got an invitation to some dark mansion on a rainy night, you better believe I’d want her on my team.

Alley Hector: I’m not sure if this fits exactly, but one of the horror movies with more interesting heroines (even though I kind of hated the movie itself) is High Tension. Even though (SPOILER ALERT) one of the main characters, Marie (Cécile De France) turns out to be the villain she really kicks ass throughout the whole film and is incredibly hot while covered in blood and holding various weapons. Even Alexa (Maïwenn Le Besco) gets in some good hero action.