“Pariah” at Sundance – Day 1

Writer/Director Dee Rees and Producer Nekisa Cooper will post daily to their video blog to share what it’s like to have their first narrative feature film at the festival. Their film, Pariah, premieres at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival tonight (January 20) at 9:30P MST. Today, they introduce Pariah star Adepero Oduye (Alike).

Dee and Nekisa will also be livestreaming from the event from time to time (check the Pariah Twitter page for livestream updates) and you can watch the streaming video here.

Have any questions for Dee or Nekisa about their experience at Sundance or who they’re meeting at the festival? Just ask them in the comments below!

In response to AE reader Tara’s questions, Dee and Nekisa wrote:

1. Where is the Sundance Festival located (city and state)? The Sundance Film Fest is located in Park City, UT

2. Is it a small crowd allowed into the festival or is it stadium (convention center like)? There are numerous theaters in and around Park City, UT that range in seating 300 – 2000 people

3. What determines what films will be received by Sundance to be presented (the year range such as movies created in 2009 can only be shown in 2010)? Over 3,000 films were submitted to Sundance this year. Once your movie is in a place for you to share, you submit an application and a cut of the film to the Sundance website. In the US dramatic competition where Pariah competes, we are one of 16 films out of 1,000+ submitted. So grateful and so blessed!

For more, please visit pariahthemovie.com.