Lesbian vampire movie “We Are the Night” coming to a theater, and TV, near you soon

If you thought to yourself today, “Hey, self, it’s been like 2 minutes and I haven’t seen a new lesbian vampire movie come out. What gives?” your worries are over. The German lesbian vampire film We Are the Night has been picked up with IFC Films and will receive a very limited release in theaters Friday.

And, say, you can’t get to a movie theater where this movie about a trio of sexy female vampires who bring a young woman into their immortal circle is playing. Well then, you’re still in luck. Because just five days later on May 25 the movie will be available through Video On Demand. So you can indulge your lesbian vampire movie fetish at home without having to let the cute girl at the ticket counter know you have a lesbian vampire movie fetish. Not that this applies to me. At all. IFC also released an English-language trailer for the occasion.

Man, I hope the whole film isn’t dubbed in English. That takes away its cool European vampire vibe which, let’s be honest, is one of the biggest vibes this film seems to have going for it. Well, that and the ladies kissing each other. Aces on that, as always.

Set in Berlin, the film follows a trio of female vampires living it up in the city. They party in clubs. They go shopping. They hang by the pool. You know, girlie vampire stuff. Then 20-year-old Lena (Karoline Herfurth from Perfume and The Reader) meets group leader Louise (Nina Hoss) and her lady vamp posse of Nora (Anna Fischer) and Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich). According to the plot description, Louise “falls head over heels in love with the scruffy Lena and bites her during their first night together.” But Lena isn’t so sure about the immortality/blood,/killing people thing and enlists the help of a police officer friend, Tom.

So, um, is this setting up to be a choice between the hot, evil lesbian vampires and the boring, good human guy? Because, hello, simple choice.

Of course whether the world needs another lesbian vampire movie is another question. They’re a permanent part of cinematic history from Vampyros Lesbos to The Hunger to Daughters of Darkness to Rise to Eternal and to, oh yeah, those Lesbian Vampire Killers. But, hey, what could one more possibly hurt, right?