Heather Graham is totally fearless

I probably won’t be seeing Heather Graham’s new movie, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. It feels like kind of strange because I feel like I watch a lot of movies that happen to have Heather in them. I really don’t think I’ve ever sought out a movie specifically because she was part of it, but a glance over her 74 roles listed in IMDB tells me I’ve seen about 60 percent of Heather Graham’s acting work, and that’s a lot for someone who isn’t on my Top Five List.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Heather is a fearless actress. She’s up for anything. Play a single mom stripper named Jade? Sure! A ‘70s porn star who has sex in rollerskates? Definitely! A lesbian? Yes — and she’ll do it again and again.

Now this means she doesn’t always choose the best roles (or films) to take on, but I think Heather Graham is like a secret weapon. She’s recognizable but doesn’t overpower the character she’s playing. (When I watch Gwyneth Paltrow, I always see Gwyneth Paltrow. Whatever she’s doing, she’s Gwyneth Paltrow and that is all. Even when she’s in Shakespearean drag or singing Cee-Lo.) Heather has great comedic timing, too. She’s not just some girl who is willing to get nude on screen that directors call when they can’t get Julianna Margulies to play a lesbian porno director. (Heather’s next role in Cherry. Seriously — Julianna turned it down.)

She was amazing on “Portlandia”

“The subject of sexuality is definitely fascinating to me,” Heather told PopEater. “I think also men like to write these characters in scripts so if a man can write the part of a lesbian prostitute who’s into porno they’re writing it in! Like I want to do a movie about the survivors of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire and how they were empowered through their tragedy.”

Heather Graham, you totally would play a lesbian porno director right after playing Aunt Opal in a kids’ movie and then do something totally feminist about female sweat shop workers. And that’s why I love you.

But she wouldn’t be HG if she wasn’t working on less than three films at one time. Also on the horizon: a 3-D stop motion movie called The Flying Machine and another called Fortune with Catherine O’Hara and Kim Bassinger. She’d also like to make “a female sex comedy.”

“Now that they’re getting a little more balls to make those, se said. “I feel like, if [Bridesmaids] makes money than maybe they’ll be more open.”

I’d see it, Heather Graham!