“The Hunger Games” drops its first teaser trailer

After America found out it was pregnant — wait, that’s not correct, is it? What I mean is, after Beyoncé announced that she is pregnant at last night’s VMAs, there wasn’t much room for peripheral hysteria. Hopefully this morning everyone’s had a whiff of smelling salts and we can talk about the second-best thing to come out of last night’s awards show: Our very first look at The Hunger Games.

The first clip includes more foliage than plottage, but even so it’s a heady cocktail. There’s fire! A voiceover from Gale! Minor archery work from Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss! And that always-looming, ever-present Mockingay!

Have a look:

I have some friends who were District 12 extras during the Reaping scenes that were filmed just outside of Asheville, North Carolina earlier this year, and even though they’re not allowed to talk about it under penalty of death, I did get them to tell me that they cried for real because Jennifer Lawrence sold it that hard.

I don’t know about you, but I am stoked.

What do you think of the teaser for The Hunger Games?