Lily Loveless’ girl gang thriller “Sket” hits theaters this weekend

Did you know “girl gang retribution thriller” is a movie genre? It’s true. And this Halloween weekend while Americans flock to the theater to see whatever chainsaw bloodbath, Brits will have the opportunity to storm the cinema to see Lily Loveless in her girl gang retribution thriller Sket.

Set in the “badlands of East London,” Sket is the story of 16-year-old Kayla who joins an all-girl gang after her mother dies and her sister is brutally murdered by a rival gang leader. Kayla’s goal is vindication against the man who killed her sister, and “man-hating” gang leader Danielle promises she’ll help her seek revenge. Sket‘s tagline is “Man’s world, sister’s hood,” which makes sense because the trailer is one of the most grrl powery things I’ve ever seen.


Loveless plays Hannah, a gang member who “leans heavily on leader Danielle for influence and direction, helping her to keep the gang as the family unit she craves. Always awkward and uncomfortable in her own skin, she finds herself resorting to sarcasm and violence in order to ignore her lack of self-confidence.”

Early reviews have been mixed. Sky Movies said it is “a sincere [movie] that actually has something to say.” And Time Out called it “a film of real substance.” But even the reviewers who weren’t in love with the movie seemed to be in love with the Loveless. I watched a clip of two talk show hosts this morning who said they couldn’t take their eyes off of her. (Which: Duh. Check out our Hot 100, you guys. Lesbians know what’s up.)

For more information about Sket, you can check out their official website, official Facebook page, or official Twitter.

Will you be checking out Lily Loveless in her girl gang thriller this weekend?