Played Out: Strange Hellos

Are anyone else’s days just literally melting into one another? Anyway it’s allegedly the weekend again and as such I present you with Played Out, AfterEllen’s weekly playlist curated by yours truly.

This week in my probing of the internet’s recesses for new music I learned that while TV is definitely my friend it’s also a lot of other people’s as well. I also learned that I love metaphors and that often times sophomore albums and side projects are things to be excited for and not feared. What did you guys learn?

Colleen Green – “TV”

My roommate walked into the kitchen while I was listening to this and she said, “That girl gets how I feel about TV, unironically.” And I thought, “Yeah she really does.”

Rangleklods – “Lost U”

Electro-pop for your weekend soul from Danish duo Rangleklods. Solid getting ready, driving to the club (if that’s something you do), or even shaking it on the dancefloor track.


OOFJ – “I Forgive You”

If Andrew Lloyd Webber had intended his adaptation of Phantom of the Opera for synth-pop instead of Broadway and had a female lead it might sound something similar.


All We Are – “Stone”

Beautiful guitars and floating vocals made me forget about the garbage weather outside for like a minute. Well that’s not true, but I did think that maybe I should take a vacation or something. Really pretty and breezy in the way that’s weightless but still has heft.


Lucern Raze – “Someone Like You”

 A fun rock romp that grows and grows.  A simple beat pounds throughout supporting propulsive guitars that rope you in for the ride.


Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – “Spat Out Spit”

I posted “Billions Of Eyes,” the first single, off Lady Lamb’s upcoming record After (3/3 on Mom+Pop) a few weeks ago, and she’s back this week with “Spat Out Spit.” A little darker with some common themes peaking through, this is a really sound second selection that ups the ante. 


Torres – “Strange Hellos”


Torres, where’d you come from with this, girl? I think I emailed this song to like 12 people this week. I don’t even have 12 people’s email addresses so it was probably weird for a couple of them.


Lower Dens – “To Die In L.A.”

 Ahead of the release of their junior album, Escape From Evil,  Lower Dens has just posted this first single. I’ve long time been a fan of this Baltimore-based dream-pop outfit and “To Die In L.A.” has me rather excited to check out the album in its entirety out 3/31.


Fluoride – “Sleep”


Dustin Payseur (frontman of Beach Fossils) is a super talented dude. He and his wife recently ventured off into the land of independent record label ownership (there’s being Bayonet), and are putting out some very cool music from kids like Frankie Cosmos, all the while he’s been working on a handful of side projects, Fluoride being one of them. It’s weird, heavy and dissonant and I like that.


Ultimate Painting – “Riverside”

I feel like this track should be in a really cute, indie rom-com or something. It’s sweet and has a fun little psychedelic line through it that makes me think maybe said couple in the rom-com is high laying out by a lake, you know falling in love as one does in the last days of summer.


Thanks for sticking this week through with me. If you have any suggestions/comments/wanna send me snail mail/whatever: @its_me_anne (Instagram) + @tweetannietweet (Twitter).