Exclusive Premiere: Emily Kopp’s new video “Chasing Streetlights”

Out musician Emily Kopp is a rising star in the indie music scene and she’s getting ready to drop her brand new EP, Making Sense Of, on December 4th. We have an exclusive video premiere for the first track on that album, “Chasing Streetlights.”

The self-produced video is a compilation of Emily’s experiences on the road, both on and off stage. Speaking of touring, Emily is about to embark on a six-month backpacking journey of music, new experiences and culinary delights with her girlfriend Robyn, a professional chef. The couple is even documenting their travels on their Instagram page, @Backpackingbabes.



 Emily has also teamed up with the organization Cadence & Cause and for every 50 cents donated, a child in need is provided with medicine for a year. That’s pretty amazing, plus you get a copy of Emily’s single. Here’s what Emily had to say about partnering up with Cadence & Cause.

“Earlier this year, my girlfriend traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to help set up a free clinic, teach children about hygiene + health, and provide families with the medications they needed. Every day we would talk, and there were simply too many horror stories about families bringing their ill children into the free clinic as they did not have the means for medical care otherwise. They would walk for miles, and wait for days to get checked up, and receive proper care, for free. For children in many countries, this is the reality. No child should ever be in pain, and if we can in any way impact the welfare of many – then we absolutely should. Fifty cents can provide a child with critical medicine for one full year. That’s a beautiful thing, and I am proud to be a part of it in any way that I can.”

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