It Was Romance queers Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” in “Hooking Up With Girls”

New York indie rock quartet It Was Romance took on the challenge of recreating one of the most iconic music videos ever made with their new video for “Hooking Up With Girls.” Out frontwoman Lane Moore explained that she’s a huge fan of Fiona Apple‘s “Criminal,” as well as ’90s music videos in general.

“Pairing a song I wrote with one of my favorite songs and music videos that explores similar themes of frustration and anger and loneliness was so exciting to me,” Lane said. “I spent over a year trying to find the right house to shoot in, trying to recreate all the costumes as much as I could, finding the exact props, etc. I also direct/co-produce all my music videos and the cast and crew was almost exclusively LGBT people, which was awesome. I really wanted to feature hot butch women in this video because usually when we see ‘hot queer women’ in media they’re femme women, and that’s fine, but butch women need to be given more attention, so I was very happy to do that. Did I mention I’m single? I’m single.”

On the inspiration for the song itself, Lane explains says it came from a very relatable circumstance.

“I wrote this song about a woman I was dating who I could never get a read on,” Lane said. “What we were, what she wanted to be, where we stood, I had no idea. It seemed to change constantly. It’s really a song about being with someone you know you shouldn’t be with, and you know you deserve better, but you’re still going back to them over and over again.”

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