Pandora made a gay station for Pride month

To celebrate Pride month, many companies are rolling out rainbow merch and waving their rainbow flags high. From clever Target ads to Vimeo’s curated LGBT films, big names are in the market to get their gay on, and now we’ve even got a gay radio station! Pandora has launched a Sounds Like Pride station, and today a few of us at AfterEllen are giving it a listen. So far we’ve heard some names you might expect, like ABBA and George Michael, even Perfume Genius.

But we are still waiting on all the lesbian musicians. Because let’s be clear, there are actually a lot of those. Did they make the Pandora cut? We were told the station features ‘Hurray for the Riff Raff,’ ‘Lowell,’ ‘Kaki King,’ ‘Le Tigre’, and Julia Weldon, when our editor inquired. An hour in it’s been mostly the guys so far, but hopefully that is just a coincidence. If this is an LGBT station, surely the L will be included more as the music plays on, so we are going to keep listening. This is going to be a musical research project. And we want your feedback! We just may have to make an AfterEllen radio station! Thoughts? Suggestions?

We want to hear what you think. Go to Pandora Radio and check out the Sounds Like Pride station. Comment below what you thought, who you’re listening to during Pride, and which artists you think should be included on an official AfterEllen summer playlist. Let’s curate a future that is female!

Happy Pride!