Kerchief’s New Single “Erase Me”

Photo by Jay Bailey

Brittany Hill of Vanity Theft has a new project as the frontwoman and lyricist of alt rock band Kerchief. They’re set to release an album later this year, and their single “Erase Me” is your first chance to listen. Their new video, with muted colors, deserted, squat house set, and very tight jeans paired with very loose flannel is a very 90s throwback.

Hill says, “‘Erase Me’ is about where you turn when you’re feeling burnt out or you’re on the verge of giving up. Whether it be to alcohol, drugs, or friends you trust, they can either help you or tear you down. ‘Would you hold my head up for me or erase me?’ is the primary lyrical meaning. The goal is to not lose yourself, or get erased, in the midst of your coping mechanisms.”
If you like alt rock and pop electronic/dance music, you may find yourself standing at the same musical intersection with Kerchief. Hill says, “My playlist usually always has some Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Speedy Ortiz, and a collection of indie/garage rock bands like Nervous Dater, Ovlov, Bully, etc. We also gravitate towards a lot of electronic stuff like Phantogram, Toro y Moi, and STFKR. Our upcoming LP will have more of that influence layered throughout.”


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