“Alexa, Play “The Harmaleighs” – A Review of “She Won’t Make Sense”

Raspy, soulfully soft vocals win me over and singer Haley Grant knows what she’s doing (think if Ellie Gould or Elohim sang indie). Indie duo “The Harmaleighs” is spicy, sultry music therapy, like drinking spiced chai or hot chocolate with a bit of cayenne (or something entirely stronger). I am especially into the playful rhythms and harmonies—the sound-child of Kaylee Jasperson. She matches Grant’s fast floating vocals perfectly and throws down catchy beats.

Not purely indie rock, these ladies sway from soft folk to hard grunge sounds in their latest album “She Won’t Make Sense.” Due to release this summer, it is artfully produced from beginning to end by Dan Molad, which no doubt was not easy to pull off. How does this album feel so good and soothing to listen to when it’s packed full of unsettled raw emotion? Maybe that is why music like this is worth it—it balances the bitter with the sweet.

“Anthem for the Weak” is my favorite so far, a minimalistic track with a swaying beat. I put it into my “slow mornings” Spotify playlist. Unlike their previous albums, this one is backed by a full band for a richer, fuller sound.

“Sorry, I’m busy” is all-out rockin’ “no effs given” music.

Whether they rock out or play softly, The Harmaleighs are a fun twist: Grant sings about feeling all the gut-wrenching feels in an upbeat, playful way that moves you.

Grant also sings openly about the complexities of living with anxiety and depression and treatment. The hope for this album is to inspire positive views about mental health, as it definitely effectively conveys a sense of resiliency. A worthwhile effort from the heart of this duo from Nashville.

The Harmaleighs’ “She Won’t Make Sense” releases Friday, August 2nd 2019

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