New Music Tuesday: Otep, Blondfire, The Casket Girls and loads of new streams

Happy pre-election Tuesday everybody! I’m sorry for my absence last week but I was without power, wi-fi or water thanks to that bitch Sandy. Thankfully, the worst that happened to me was the lack of power and an embarrassing amount of weight gain since there was nothing to do but eat everything that was going to go bad in the fridge. I hope all of you and any of your loved ones who may have been affected by the storm are doing well and returning to status quo. In case any of you are interested, Buke and Gase are donating all proceeds from the sale of their two-song digital album including “Hard Times” and their cover of New Order‘s “Blue Monday,” to the relief efforts in Red Hook, a neighborhood which saw a lot of devastation.

The Casket GirlsSleepwalking (Graveface Records)

Photo courtesy of Motormouth Media

This three-piece is a curious combination of 60’s girl-band vocals, synths, psychedelic rock and a bit of dramatic flair. I feel as though the listener will need to be in a certain mood to get wrapped up in the sounds coming through on Sleepwalking, but it’s a great debut. To ease into their sound, “Walking on a Wire” would be the standout track I’d direct you to. “The Visitor” plays like Air’s haunting score for The Virgin Suicides. Fans of Sleigh Bells may hear some similarities — though the girls are much dreamier on the instrumental side.

Otep — Sounds Like Armageddon (Victory Records)

Photo by Djosefin Maurer

In all honesty, this is not the kind of music I generally listen to so it’s difficult for me to feel as though I have any business giving a thumbs up or down to it. That being said, as far as live albums go, this is pretty badass! If you aren’t already a fan of Otep but you’re a fan of strong female vocalists combining speak-singing and alternative vocals mixed with guttural screaming and heavy electric guitar shredding — I’d bet that this is a must-have for your collection. Hell, this is turning out to be an album I need in my collection around PMS time. I feel like I’m ready to hit someone and I like it! The Soundcloud below isn’t from the live album but the song is featured.

HalestormHalestorm in the Live Room (Atlantic Recording)

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Once again, this is heavier rock than I’m used to but the six songs on this album (including a cover of the Jay Z and Alicia Keys jam, “Empire State of Mind”) are sung by Lizzy Hale with passion and an intense growl I can appreciate. The guitars and drumming are pretty rocktastic as well. OK, it’s settled: I’m adding them to my PMS “When This Playlist is a Rockin’, Trust Me You Don’t Want to Come Knockin'” playlist as well.

BlondfireWhere The Kids Are EP (Warner Bros)

Photo courtesy of Facebook

It’s a great day for sibling releases! First we had the Casket Sisters and now we’ve got a quartet fronted by brother-sister Bruce and Erica Driscoll. I was a big fan of the title track when it was released as the first single and the rest of the EP is just as enjoyable, particularly “Waves.” The only thing that may have made this more enjoyable is if it had been released during warmer weather.

More Music Extras: For those of you who have been rocking out to the awesome sisterly trio HAIM – Red Bull Soundstage just put out a 12-minute documentary following the band and you can stream it here.

The supergroup known as The Living Sisters has a new jam you can stream called, “Can You Get To That?

Brooke Sharkey has a soft tune from her upcoming self-released album to share with you:

Emily Wells has a track that will sit prettily alongside tracks from soundtrack legend Clint Mansell and celebrated composer Phillip Glass on the upcoming film Stoker. The trailer looks pretty awesome (and screwed up) for this as well.

School of Seven Bells is sharing a stream and download of “Secret Days” via SelfTitledMag.

I’m so sad I missed seeing Lucius when they were in town a couple of weeks ago when the weather was warmer. Their track “Genevieve” is perfect for walking outside on a sunny day.

Check out RaVaughn’s soulful R&B on “Better Be Good”:

If you’re in the mood for a chilled out lounge vibe, try this jam from Deca on for size.

Ester Dean brings on a very clubtastic cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

And finally I’m going to leave you with a sweet mash-up of Rihanna‘s “Rude Boy” with Dr. Dre‘s “Next Episode.” Loving this long time.

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